Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Same Fabric Different Bag

Same Fabric Different Bag.
Loved this fabric, I first made a large carryall with it and decided I hated it ..hahaha.. so I deconstructed it made these two smaller ones and loved them. Sometimes it turns out that some prints are perfect for a smaller bag... who knew... well I do now.
The satchel type has lots of pockets 2 external and 3 slip pockets inside it has a substantial flap with a magnetic snap to close. This one is a made to order and I have done quite a few in the style now...and they are quite popular, so I might make up a few more for the market... $35
plus P&H or free pick up

The other one with a rounded bottom , has darts sewn into the seam with gives it a bit of body, I tried it with the flower.. umm not so sure.. so I took it off, this cute bag is just big enough to store your phone, a small purse and some girl essential, it does not have any pockets and will sell for $25 plus P&H

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