Thursday, 25 July 2013

Busy busy busy

I have decided I will apply to attend a couple of our local markets, mothers and baby markets I shall try first.
So I have been very busy trying to get my stock built up. First I had to decide what to make and take, so I firstly went with the roll up market tote( or as my husband said, isn't it a shopping bag???... Yes it is!) 28 almost finished
Secondly I decided that as the markets are targeted at Mothers and babies, I would make my fabulous Nappy clutch/ pouch, which holds at leat 2 nappies and a packet of baby wipes, and includes a waterproof change mat. I have cut out lots of these today
Third choice is my Big nappy bags, I think I may only do a few of these, and maybe take custom orders, I have pics of fabric choices on my Ipad.
Fourth choices are Nursey baskets, the fabric kind. I have designed 2 different styles and will go with them, just have to choose fabrics.
Fifth( is this too many options ??) are my Ipad and Ipad mini pillows, I still have 35 on EBay, so I think that  should be enough.

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